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you must be an awesome person!

You are about to purchase a meaningful gift for someone you care about! In case you are wondering how you are helping by shopping on this site....CancerFree KIDS is a nonprofit organization that does ONE thing:
we fund game-changing research on childhood cancers to give every kid a chance to grow up. We raise money all year, then we give it away to fund research and we start over.    Our goal is to put ourselves out of business.
Your purchase helps....A LOT.

"I never went to a single doctor's appointment without my Courage lion. We've been through a lot together!"
Alex, diagnosed with cancer at 3 years old

CancerFree KIDS Courage Shop

About us

The mission of CancerFree KIDS is to end childhood cancer to give every kid a chance to grow up. Thank you for helping us in this mission with your purchases! 

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